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Frequently asked questions


Payment and shipping

· How do you ship the jewelry to the city where you have no shops?
We will send you the jewelry by a delivery service which you would have to pay for.


· What types of payment do you have?
You can pay by cash, bank transfer, card or PayPal.


· How much will cost the shipping to my city by a delivery service?
You can find the estimated price of the delivery in this form: Delivery is free in Yerevan.


· How can I get the jewelry I like if I live abroad?  How will it be delivered?

Orders from abroad are transferred by FedEx. You pay only the official tariff established by the company. The delivery cost, as well as other additional costs (registration of export permission, insurance, etc.) are paid by the buyer. The delivery and additional costs are not included in the price of the goods indicated on the site. Express delivery to the USE or Europe will cost 50$-100$ (will be delivered in 5 days).


· Can I pay for the jewelry if I am abroad and the girl that the item addressed to lives in Armenia?

 Yes, while ordering you can choose a payment method on our website. While the payment is made we will send the item to your girlfriend to any city in Armenia.


Guarantee and client service

· Can I be sure that you have all the required documentation and rights for jewelry trade?
Yes, we have all the needed documentation and permissions for jewelry trade.


· Can I be sure that the jewelry I buy is not fake?

Yes, you get the jewelry that definitely corresponds to the characteristics mentioned on the label. The pyx of gold is confirmed by the State Assay Chamber and is indicated on the stamp placed on each item. Besides the product has a stamp (tag) of the producer of the jewelry. The conformity of every item in the product is guaranteed by the producer, whose name is also indicated on the label.


· Is it possible to change or return the item?

We are sure that you will like the jewelry you buy from us, but anyway we give the opportunity to return the jewelry in 14 days to dispel any doubt you may have. Please note that we have that service despite the fact that jewelry is in listed among the products that cannot be changed or returned.


· Do you have guarantee for your jewelry?

Yes, we do. In case you find production defects on the items you have the right to return or to change it with a similar product of proper quality. In case the jewelry was mechanically effected change or return occurs only after special expertise.


· Do you have saving discount system in your shop?

We provide saving discount program for our loyal customers.


General questions

· Is there any physical address that I can visit to see the assortment?

All our jewelry is presented in our internet shop. We always work on the quality of images so that you can make your choice easier. If you live in Yerevan, you can visit our jewelry shops, but the assortment there is not as various as on the website.


· Why the prices in your internet-shop are lower than in a common jewelry shop?

The volume of our purchases from producers, as well as our relations with them let us maintain such attractive prices for buyers. Besides, unlike common jewelry stores, our expenses are significantly lower (for instance, due to renting a smaller space, fewer employees, etc.), so our price is much lower than the usual price in a common jewelry store.


· How do I buy a ring if I do not know the size?

With the help of special device our consultants will help you to find the most accurate size at M. Khorenatsi 24 str. (10B). In case you buy a ring as a gift and have no opportunity to visit the shop, you can use our instructions on the site while ordering the product you like.


· How and where do I get the exact information about the jewelry items and precious stones used in it?

You can find all the information on the jewelry label. The label should contain the following information: Code (series of article) – special designation used by the producer; The metal and its karat, e.g. “585 karat gold”; The size of the item – e.g. “17.5”; Weight of the item – “3.48 gr”; On the opposite side of the label there should be mentioned the characteristics of the stones, e.g “2 diamonds, 57 sides, 0.19 ct, 4/6”, which means that there are 2 diamonds on the item with round cut of 57 sides, total weight of the diamonds is 0.19 ct, the characteristics of diamonds is 4/6 (4 – color, 6 – pureness) The label is fixed to the product with special thread and seal, which excludes the possibility of changing the product or the label. The label is the official certificate of the producing factory for certain jewelry.


· Can I order an individual jewelry?

Yes, you can. Our mission is to create unique and exclusive models.


· Can you engrave or inscribe the rings?

Yes, we can engrave or inscribe the rings.


· Why there is a suspiciously low price for some diamond rings? Are the diamonds used on the, or just diamond fragments?
Fragments of diamonds are not used in the jewelry production. There are small, but fully cut diamonds fixed on the items. It is stated on label along with the jewelry characteristics.


· What benefits does the registration on your website give?

The registration allows: - Take part in the loyalty program and save bonuses for future purchases - Make bookmarks for more convenient subsequent selection of items - Use the benefits of the quicker payment process- Reuse the shipping address - Check your status and order history

· What is your working schedule?
-Monday – Friday: from 9-00 to 22-00
-Saturday – Sunday: from 10-00 to 21-00

Shops in Yerevan
-Monday – Friday: from 10-00 to 18-00
-Saturday – Sunday: from 10-00 to 17-30

· How do I cancel the order?
You can cancel your order by calling the following number: +37493 93-93-05




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